Obliquity of the Ecliptic

by The Parallax

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Steven Jensen
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Steven Jensen Really impressed by the tracks on offer here. And kudos to not only attempt a 10+ min track, but to also attempt a 23 min track which is just amazing! Great work guys, looking forward to hear more for you in the future! Favorite track: The Reformatting.
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The debut full-length album from The Parallax. Over 60 minutes of original progressive death metal.


released October 22, 2013

Antonio Moreira - Guitars/Vocals
Derek Joson - Drums
Sean Deschenes - Bass
Sorin Simion - Guitars

Artwork done by Oleg Gritsak

Music and Lyrics by Antonio Moreira and The Parallax
Produced by Kevin Pooler and Antonio Moreira
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Pooler @ Red Couch Recordings


all rights reserved



The Parallax Mississauga, Ontario

The Parallax is a four-piece progressive death metal band from Mississauga, Ontario. We are happy to finally bring you our debut full length album, 'Obliquity of the Eclpitic' featuring 5 lengthy melodic tracks including the 23-minute song 'The Reformatting'. The Parallax has had the opportunity to share the stage with Protest the Hero, The Agonist, and Intervals among many others. ... more

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Track Name: Summon the Tides
dark barren trees
lifeless or so it seems
the dried up wells and decay-filled smell
tickle the un-pleasantries
the essence of hope
in a land so bleak
a future so uncertain
an endeavour so weak

from the window she envisions
the fantasies of dreams
her mind seeks the space between the bars
to be lost between the stars

through the night
they wait for me
to seek the morning light
there are no days
days without me
now hold me tight while

i lay over the edge
it decays
what did it say
the voices fade

to comprehend the depths she fathom
across the oblique rays of light
forced to obey the fabricated truths
her misfortunes blessed WITH lies
engulfed in lucidity the child of allusion
the lynx and the lion obscured in confusion

so simplistic is the beauty
against her complex wired mind
misguided child grown so dependent
and placed her trust in the hands of those she loved

through the night
they wait for me
to seek the morning light
there are no days
days without me
now hold me tight while

I lay over the edge
it decays
what did it say
the voices fade

the source of screams
my helpless father
as in my dreams
buried beneath the sand
he yells
as I grip his hand
my tears pollute the water
forced to watch him die
suffocated beneath the surface
its strength compels my misery

she stands in the fields alluding
and the fire burns her mind
such decrepit frail young beauty
converge with her strife

thick clouds shift and
your wilting stems are drowning
the wretched power of the sea spins the typhoon
to be betrayed by the force of the moon
in the sky
for I can summon the tides

and from my knees
I could see
him watching over me
torn at the seams
I stumble and fall
I breach the fog
Track Name: Seventeen
brilliant voices bring forth agony
shatter my own misery
decaying sins of impurity
delight my sense of victory

my disgusting voice and words of fury
will pierce your heart like poisoned thorns
in patience and silence they await
the fairest treat your suckling meat
take a look and burn in heat
from the boiling breath on your neck
this i create in false design
to displace your frail mind

i disease to the sorely
release through ultimate storm
plague feasts righteous glory

and out of the dirt
to darken this sick tainted earth
free to the sky to bestow
their new lives
two pacing creatures so beautiful
with blood-lust spit dripped from their lips
their lurking eyes are fixed on you
to ravage your mind until i’m satisfied

i disease to the sorely
release through ultimate storm
plague feasts righteous glory
a new empire is born
they the lynx and the lion
minions set forth my fiends
OBEY whom wish defy one
bleed fall obey seventeen

dance with me and
i will guide you through
your darkest

i won’t fall to seventeen guide me hold me now just help me

dance with me and
i will guide you through
your darkest

her soul cleanse the impurities
anoint to cure the suffering
now not forget to breathe
and fall to seventeen

rise from the dark
radiate the sky
light the way out

and isn’t this what you wanted
to live your life of fantasy
to be with those that you adore
did you expect even more

brilliant forces threaten me
scour my sense of victory
the gates of ava unlocked unsealed
bridge the powers to devour me

black light discolours the water
she cast the wicked shadows
Track Name: Obliquity of the Ecliptic
walk through the garden of confusion

i'm feeling numb
there isn’t a thing in the world that can change this
anxiety preventing me to grow
and move on
from the tragedies that surround me
and swallow me whole
like the tides

open my eyes to discover the world unseen
for there is nothing to fear
the obliquity of the ecliptic
keeps the world from turning upside down

scraping the edge of her own priceless beauty
she withers in filth
crazed in happiness such grave accomplishment
of walking the circles that lead her nowhere

this silence must be stopped
what’s become of me is despiteful
i wanna scream at the top of my lungs
it's the only fucking thing that keeps me sane
now i see it's not my fault
it was you all along
you're the one to blame

and isn't this what you wanted
to live your life of fantasy
to be with those you adore
or did you expect even more

limits pushed so far
yet i remain still
relying heavily on the mysteries
that have a void to fill

this was no accident
there was someone there i swear
i saw him with my own two eyes
now i'm alone
distraught and sick of the guilt

only time can heal wounds that cut so deep

naïve child blind to reality
grasps the ends that bind sanity
satisfied with dreams so hollow
gratified by the lies she swallows
unable to heal
you can't imagine the way that i feel

open my eyes to discover the world unseen
for there is nothing to fear
the obliquity of the ecliptic
keeps the world from turning upside down

these voices follow me tonight

obliterate my comforting fate
i cease to create logic

condescending actions leave me with nothing
there is nothing left for me

sanity subsides with the lone girl's cry

open my eyes to discover the world unseen
for there is nothing to fear
the obliquity of the ecliptic
keeps the world from turning upside down
Track Name: The Reformatting
I. lynx and lion
follow the child the one i desire go on you monstrosities let your instincts guide you through the lands i sent you on a mission to find the nectar of the rarest kind soon we shall plant the seed that leads to the wrath of seventeen i’ll wait in silence for the look in your eyes i’ll wait for the day when the darkness pollutes your mind legends speak of a place up towards the sky beyond the constellations between the moon sun and stars changing to become what we once feared reformatting of our minds to seek knowledge and truth and transform our lives as the planets align
there is an unusual sight a compelling discovery she begins to wish upon the stars to escape the things that daunts her as she falls onto the brink of insanity oh lynx and lion come forth my minions it is time for my survival i will make the planets align and now deliverance is mine changing to become what we once feared the reformatting of her mind is this the end or just a derailed life

II. garden of confusion
as time passes by we grow old and dreams start to fade away we seek that one moment
to transform our lives our fucking lives crashing waves to change a life in one day now destiny has brought you here this day your life’s gonna change and there’s nothing you can do trembling in fear i won’t let you run away this again no way out look at me now so pitiful deranged and distraught and you know that the worst is coming now you wish you could wake up clenching your clown with a smile wish he’d persuade you though you’re realistic clearly not a magician i feel it creeping through my radiant skin guardian just save me from this cold crazed sin hiding behind a meaningless toy will not save you from what’s to come nothing can be undone now come close lets have some fun let your saviour see as the darkness spreads through your soul and then it scars you and leaves you cold there’s no turning back from this like your dad's seen soon you shall join him torn in between it seems that you're scared you can’t approach me must call out your minions to play these cat chase games as you watch from a distance the hell is this come on man the fuck up and cut this shit or is there truth when i say that you flinch get scared when i say boo i guess i’ll never understand your reasons for taking everything away from me our time on earth is short we must all fight for a purpose learning from past experience don’t assume just build but it’s too late for you fragile minds will turn to darkness and now we will witness reformatting i walk through the garden of confusion i am lost i see the path laid before me this epiphany has encouraged me to move forward to conquer the dreams that i once pursued we all create our own paths it seems though this may be a parallel journey it takes one line to end differently

III. roots of darkness
harvesting her sweet essence is a treat worth longing for biting on the flesh to satisfy their corrupt desires her taste a delicacy feeding my pleasures the foul forced injections into her such unwanted fornication a permanent seed planted in her womb the roots of darkness spread through her insides growing into leafless branches that relinquish all the good once inside her the sounds of squealing and fear echo as the lighthouse shines its light her guardian gives her the strength to overcome this morbid sight

IV. disintegrated stones
obliquity of the ecliptic divide the angle i envision the gates they the lynx and lion now transform my life i’ll transform your fucking life i fall to the ground it’s all over now darkness i escaped through the fog strange voices keep on telling me to keep on running through the misty bog towards the light
Track Name: The Wicked Shadows
rise from the dark radiate the sky the sun of my world i have tripped and fallen derailed my train of thoughts all my memories have been scattered but what’s the point of recovery i have lost everything i held close to me and worst of all i can’t even breathe in fact i solidified my individuality by redefining your interest in me your first foot steps into my life was that of death and nothing more but without clarity i will always be your devolving spore out of this shady origin i have waken to this world not forgetting that these mysteries of her are so hollow now void my subtleties i've grown so attached to something i don't even know yet i cannot cease this belligerence i fear these thoughts of her are fading she knows she’s always got me chasing her rise from the dark radiate the sky recall all my dreams the lynx and lion bow at your feet you impede on my true beliefs it is you who mustn’t succeed analyze my sketches and see the lines i hate my designs are faceless and resemble the changes to my self-indulged fate and isn’t this what you want to be with those you adore to live this life of fantasy or did you expect even more yet my eyes are twisted spinning and searching i cannot see that you are the best part of me i fear these thoughts of her are fading always on my mind she’s always got me chasing fire burning fire chars the sketches one chance i should have had to understand the nightmares of the lynx and lion pump me full of fear and my wishes turn to ash and disappear i am breaking my devotion this curse has caged fear of futures now watch how i can break from these chains and set myself free far from the negligence that blisters your hands it was you that nailed the spikes in my integrity if that were not my disease nor my burden i’d feel sympathy but this has gone too far and now your womb must bleed i close my eyes to obstruct the light that shines embrace the dawning sky amidst the withered hopes a love was born to be sun of the world

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